On last November 9th, a worldwide unprecedented event took place in Paris, France: the very first entirely dedicated to mobile applications conference day, from their technical and graphic development to their monetization and marketing process.

Obviously, the mobile app market has grown so exponentially since they appear in 2008, that it was high time to make all the actors in the industry sit and talk about it. No less than 700,000 references are available on iOS appstores, 600,000 on Android and 100,000 on Windows Phone; together they generated 31 billion downloads in 2011, representing a 5.3 billion dollars revenue (2010 figure). In 2016, they could respectively reach 66 billion downloads (that is to say approximately x2 compared to 2011) and 51.7 billion profits (namely x10!)  – Source: http://www.presse-citron.net/comment-devenir-developpeur-dapplications-mobiles-infographie.

Around 200 people with widely various profiles participated: developers, designers, publishers, mobile agencies, but also students and recent graduates, looking to make good contacts. Talking about contacts, there were a whole lot of them: among the speakers, David Catuhe, Technical Evangelists Lead for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8; Jules Minivelle, founder of Surikate; and our renown fellow Michael Guez, CEO and founder of Chocolapps. And there were as many chances to network, too: the program of the day mentioned a beginning at 8:30 am with “breakfast and networking,” then a morning break “and networking,” lunch “and networking,” and a final coffee break and-guess-what in the afternoon. All the ingredients were there to create emulation and synergies in a still very experimental field, where professionals feel their way along as regards technologies as well as marketing.

The morning was devoted to mobile development. If you are no geek, be on your way! Speakers talked about back-end, SaaS services, cloud, multi-OS… One of the start-ups organizing the event, Appsify, presented its smart concept: an equivalent of WordPress, but on the mobile. To make short, you buy a licensed technology which enables you to publish as many apps as you want, without having to write the shortest line of code.

In the afternoon, emphasis was put on design and marketing, with enlightening reflections about user interfaces, promotion processes across the different OSs, and again and again, the issue of relevant business models and the SEO on the AppStore (a secret Apple keeps jealously).

In total, fifteen presentations regulated the conference day, and inspired some 1,476 tweets to the participants, French web media Presse-Citron, who was a partner of the event, reports.

OK, we missed that one, but next time Europa-Apps will definitely come to AppDays! The two organizers, Serge Roukine (founder of codeur.com and graphiste.com, two famous French websites), and Pierre-Alain Baly (Sellermania), are already discussing the possibility to repeat the experience next year.

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