Apple has already a strong presence in the education sector thanks to its great tools, the iPad and the Mac. It may however be about to make a great step forward during its education event on January 19th. It seems this event will me mainly about software and content, and that consumers shall have to wait a few more months before the announcement of an iPad 3 or other shiny new devices.

According to the speculations on the net, the most likely subject is digital textbooks: Apple has allegedly already met with important American publishers such as Pearson Education, in order to adapt their textbooks for the iPad. Several companies have started adapting school manuals for computers and tablets, but Apple taking care of it brings the move towards digital education to another level.

Other than iBooks, which may be updated to receive these new digital textbooks, iTunes will probably also be an important theme, and iTunes U in particular. The iTunes software could also soon allow to read ePub format books, which would also push forward Apple’s ebooks.

Once more Apple is ahead of the crowd and of its competitors Google, Amazon and Facebook, and is probably going to shake things up by investing a lot in the education sector.

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